Growth and fattening bulls farm

Together with a team of technologists with a modern vision we succeeded in 2016 to implement a project co-financed from European funds, which lead to the existance of the „Growth and Fattening Bulls Farm from Crizbav”. Thus, we started with a new farm of bulls, where there can be found the latest equipment in the beef cattle growing industry.

The capacity of the farm is of 280 bovines and it is divided into two sheds located in the middle of nature, at 2 km from the village Crizbav, Brasov County.

Our team which has a vast experience in this field, the modern technology of growing bovines that we possess and the top quality breeds we have, recommend us for a long-lasting collaboration, in which we act as the regional supplier of beef cattle.

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Convince yourself of the quality of the technology used and discover the cattle breeds we sell!


Growth and fattening bulls farm

The automatic management system and the modern equipment represent the base for the healthy growth of beef cattle.

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